Books: A brilliant alternative to Easter eggs

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Spring has officially arrived and, here at Ginger Books HQ, we are surrounded by daffodils and trees in blossom. It’s a wonderful time of year and we are all looking forward to the Easter break – it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in a chocolate egg (or two). But this year, why not feed your child’s mind as well as their sweet tooth?

Books make a really lovely alternative Easter gift. Unlike chocolate, they are also something that can be enjoyed over and over again. And books are perfect to share with loved ones when we get together to celebrate.

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Background vector designed by Kjpargeter –

The brilliant team over at the Book Trust ( have some wonderful suggestions of how to incorporate books into your Easter fun. Here’s a few of their egg-cellent tips:

  • Everyone enjoys the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt – why not add a twist to proceedings by including some books to find as well as (or even instead of) eggs?
  • Chose some books to read together whilst you eat your Easter Eggs – in our opinion books and chocolate go perfectly together!
  • Check out your local library or bookshop – lots will have special activities on over the Easter break for you to enjoy.
  • Challenge each other to find (and read) as many books about eggs, rabbits, chicks and chocolate as you can – you may find a new favourite!